Detached house to be auctioned in Tótvázsony

Kódszám: #V3


Város: Tótvázsony

Tulajdonjog: 1/1
Alapterület: 110 m2
Telek terület: 912 m2
Típus: family house
Ingatlan állapota: medium condition
Épület szintjei: 3
Szoba: 3
Fűtés: gas
Tetőtér: not built in
Pince: yes

The area of the family house is 110 m2. Attic space, but the 80 m2 attic is not built in, only concreting. 1/3 partly under the cellar.

The exterior insulation has been done, but not yet coloured. The foundation of the house is floated concrete, insulated. The masonry is brick, the roof structure is wood and slate, which is in a moderate condition. The house is in medium condition. Rooms: 3 rooms, kitchen-dining-hall in one room, bathroom, toilet, pantry. Flooring: tiles and laminate flooring. Heating: gas, individual central heating. Utilities: tap water, gas, electricity, sewer, cable TV and custom water meter. Outbuilding: 1 storage with about 50 m2 floor space.

Starting price: 17.200.000 HUF

Bid step: 172.000 HUF 

Minimum price: .17.200.000

Auction ends: 09/03/2020. 20:00

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